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How to celebrate valentine’s day at home?


The approaching Valentine’s holiday. The problem of “where to go?” and “where to celebrate?” is haunted. But remember that Valentine’s day is a holiday for two, so whether you want to share it with someone else? Stay at home and devote this time only to myself. The main thing – to take care of the festive atmosphere.

A sense of celebration

The first thing to take care of creating a festive atmosphere. Place the order, put scented candles, decorate the room a variety of hearts and balloons. When choosing candles, it is best to give preference to the smell of vanilla or other spices because they are very attractive to men’s subconscious. Powersite paper hearts, hang them on the strings, scatter rose petals. Don’t forget about the background music. Let it be barely audible and lyrical.

A sense of celebration

Romantic dinner

Best of all, of course, if you cook dinner yourself, and won’t order food in a restaurant. There are currently no restrictions. Make a menu, taking into account your taste preferences, and don’t forget to include meals for her man. However, there is a caveat. If you are planning to finish the evening in bed, it is better to give preference to snacks, using foods that stimulate male physical desire. This, for example, honey, ginger, chocolate, cedar and walnuts, figs, seafood, etc.

Pay special attention to the table setting. Beautiful tablecloth, candles, nice napkins colors enhance a romantic atmosphere and will add to the festive ambiance.

Romantic dinner

Between dinner and a night of love

But what to do when dinner came to an end? It’s time to use your imagination. For example, you can invite your second half in a makeshift cinema. Prepare cold drinks, popcorn, make a selection of films appropriate atmosphere. You can even imagine that you bought a ticket for a place for kissing.

If your significant other is not a big movie buff, you can soak in the tub. It is also important to create a touch of romance. Add in the bath filled with foam, rose petals, arrange the candles, prepare a bottle of your favorite drink. Such activities will make you a good prelude to a stormy night.

Between dinner and a night of love

February 14 is a celebration of love, so why waste time visiting noisy and crowded establishments where you will not enjoy each other? Stay home and enjoy a romantic evening – treat yourself to a customized holiday for two.

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