Most Severe Economic Damage Is Causedby How To Kiss A Girl

Nobody knows what his name was, or why he brought him to Paris and drowned in the Seine River.

She is young – probably still a teenager. His face is clean, his cheeks are round and full, his skin smooth. Pleasant-looking, but not classically beautiful, the eyes look like they can open at any moment.

Recognized for most – Leinkonu the la sign (the unknown woman of the scene) as always more known – but it is her ghostly half-smile that is the girl with the most kissed lips in history.

If you are one of the 300 million people who have been trained in CPR, you can know them by a different name – Anne. And you almost certainly had your lips pressed for that

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In 2007 Angelique Chrisphys wrote for The Guardian, “I once came face to face with Annie.”

“She was recruited by a swimming pool in southeast England. Eyes closed, she lay there, smiling slightly, waiting for someone to press her mouth over her cold, thin lips. ”

Chrisphis is one of the millions of first aid students who, for more than 50 years, have tried to bring L’Inconnue back through Resunie Anne (or CPR Annie): the mannequin CPR responsible for helping people 1960s to learn the basics.

When Norwegian tycoon Asmond Lärdle was approached by Peter Safar – an Austrian doctor who pioneered the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – to create a life-sized mannequin as the first-size training tool, L’Inconnue salvation. Became a physical symbol of.

“Inspired by the ‘young lady of the scene’,

CPR Annie has become a symbol of life for millions of people around the world who have received training in modern techniques of resurrection and whose lives have been saved from unnecessary death,” The Laerdal Company The website states.

Lerald wanted to make a female doll, believing that men would not want to practice with their mouths on the dummy of their own sex. And the face he had chosen for this plastic woman – who would die millions of times and be resurrected – is at the center of a macaque mystery.

In the late 19th century, the body of an unknown woman was exhumed from the waters of the Seine in Paris.

With its picturesque bridges and cobbled riverbanks, the river has always held a morbid attraction for the millions of people who travel each year and down it. But one question remains, on the banks of the Parisian rivers and beyond: who was this woman, and how exactly did she die?

When his lifeless body was pulled from the filthy depths of the Seine, it was free from wounds and vices – so L’Inconnue had presumed to commit suicide. While no one came forward to identify her, when the pathologist at the morgue received her corpse, he was so mesmerized by her beauty that she ordered a plaster cast to be made from her face.

The facade was a hit, and over the decades thereafter was mass-produced and sold as decorative items for private homes and studio walls, first in Paris and then abroad.

L’Inconnue became a collection for artists, poets and writers wooing the likes of Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, poet Rainer Maria Rilke and novelist Vladimir Nabokov.

Philosopher Albert Camus compared his cryptic smile to the Mona Lisa,

an always happy expression on his face, with many speculations about his life, his death, and his place in society.

She is portrayed as both a victim and a witch; Orphaned and seduced, but it was another drowning incident that ensured L’Inconnue in medical history and actually gave him life after death.

One day – after decades of L.Inconnue scene – Larald’s two-year-old son was almost drowned. If his father had not taken the rat baby out of the water and cleaned his airway, things would have been very different.

When Safar and his group of anesthesiologists approached the toymaker and told him

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