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I am standing on a spur above the Dordogne Valley at Les Jardins de Marqueyssac,

listening to the cry of peacocks and carrying 150,000 box trees of interlocking mounds, swirls, lozenges, lollipops, balls and cubes, all in size . Looking at a beautiful tableau.

Each plant is wrapped by hand. Only the French could create such an exquisite garden – and create such a work for themselves. But unlike many famous French gardens, where straight lines and symmetry set the tone, there is a sense of movement and fun, with some forms apparently inspired by a flock of sheep.

We are quick to defeat the mob, which means I leave the topmost flock and rise up, which I am alone, pass through the woods of Holm Oak and maple in all the shelling, a little. Tucked in the chapel cliff face on the waterfall, the cottage and the small. There are amazing views of the “Valley of the Five Palaces” from Belvedere; Apparently I should catch a glimpse of the entertainer Josephine Baker’s old pad, but nothing can be of that topmost fair.

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Many of the box trees date back 150 years and were not completely uncontaminated for so long (Holy Blue); The garden was apparently left to run wild for decades. The plants were closed down hard, their fantasy shapes were restored and the garden opened in 1997. It is now the most visited in Perigord, and a fitting finale to my Botanica tour of the Loire Valley and Dordogne.

Last evening, a small group of our garden lovers planting tips, while sipping in a picturesque square, sipping Kate royals and pondering how many duck courses are possible for dinner (turns out that way). And swapping travel plans. We are not too worried about duck surf; Our English expatriate guide Rebecca assured us of Perigord’s Folk, where ducks are a specialty, the longest-lived in France. (Rebecca has all kinds of curious stories about the French, which she writes in our compey coach as a cruise to the countryside: her fear of drafts, and expansion airconditioning; perky tax system; reindeer drama). Many times I think we can be. Additional in a Peter Mayle book.)

Because Botanica specializes in garden-themed tours and cruises,

some of us have come from the Chelsea Flower Show, others are going to Bordeaux or Italy; We are all crazy. Traveling with us is Melbourne-based horticulturist Tena Crawford to identify plants, explain the design, and provide advice on our way back home.

Our tour begins in Paris at the Gare du Nord, directly from Eurostar and on a coach bound for Loire. We are aiming for a small medieval garden route, its location is elusive. Our driver Jerome asked the direction of the farmers that we wind up in the narrow streets, far away from the cathedral, upstream from the plains like Yamuru.

The charming owner of the Jardin de Bois Richex,

Hubert Morrow, in front of a magical 12th-century farmhouse and giant pigeon (considered to be the oldest in France), using a 13th-century garden to explain herbs and similes Waiting for List of plants he traced in the house. Wicker-edged garden beds are filled with plants, which Shakespeare recognizes, including vod, madder, and lady’s mantel, and some may not, such as menth-coke. There the botanical Hubert is used to make a beautiful perfume that he sells in the tenth barn, the oak beams fashion from the scaffolding hewn from the Charters Cathedral building. The garden is one of the smallest we have seen, but so charming with history and romance that it becomes a favorite of the entire trip.

Later in the afternoon we arrive at our chateau base for the next few days,

the beautiful Domaine de la Tortinière, situated on the outskirts of Tours, at the entrance to the Loire. There are scattered rooms in the guest room, and the bastion has numerous bijou pads and large suites in historic garden buildings. Main salons are pastel hoo

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